Public formalization of the appointment of Hugo Horiot as Ambassador of Autistan in France

On 11 April 2018 in Brussels, after the screening of the movie "Julien / Hugo" (Sacha Wolff) on Hugo Horiot, received the official Ambassador of Autistan for the France scarf *, from the hands of its counterpart for the Belgium, François Delcoux.

*: The France is a country located in the South of the Belgium, characterized particularly by maintaining disorders severe administrative reaching and debilitating people with autism. (See "Tips for travelers with autism" map.)

Hugo Horiot (Ambassador of Autistan in France), François Delcoux (Ambassador of Autistan in Belgium).

Hugo Horiot then signed his latest book, "Autism, I accuse".

Thanks to the film "Adventure" in Brussels, the Belgian Association Autism in action, for facilitating this event.

This important day for autism and the diplomatic organization of the Autistan ended in a warm, friendly atmosphere in the colours of the Autistan.

The diplomatic organization of the Autistan would like to thank François Delcoux and volunteers Belgian for their support and participation, as well as the Belgian people and Belgium, for their hospitality and their solidarity with people with autism.

Excerpts from the film by Sacha Wolff:

Hugo Horiot veut faire changer le regard sur l'autisme

Diagnostiqué autiste à l'âge de 3 ans, Hugo Horiot est aujourd'hui auteur et comédien. Il raconte pourquoi il faut mieux prendre en charge les enfants autistes en France.

Publiée par Brut sur Samedi 17 mars 2018