Solution to the global Covid-19 crisis with Autistan’s "Masks For All"


The “Masks For All” facial protection that we propose are very easy to make, by anyone, in one to two seconds, they cost almost nothing and they can be renewed easily.

It is by far the most accessible solution that exists in many countries.

This solves the problem of the global shortage.
With protections (masks, glasses, soap), it is possible to return to the activity without contaminating or being contaminated.

If people agreed to use this system, it would avoid terrible economic and social chaos.

These masks could be used by millions of people right now, less than five minutes after watching the presentation video clip (below).

It is obvious that this trick can save many lives.

You can put up to 3 double sheet napkins (or pocket handkerchiefs) to fold in half, which makes 12 layers, which is a very respectable degree of protection.

Theories claiming that masks are useless or ineffective cannot resist the obvious and common sense (see links at the end of the article).

Our invention is also proof that the different mindset and creativity of autistic people are useful. Everyone is useful, and human biodiversity shall be protected.

To say that our invention is a good idea is not enough: for it to serve and to save lives, it must be shared.

Full version (11’53”)


Version complète (14’08”)


Versão completa (13’21”)


Versión completa (9’50”)


For those who do not believe in the need for a general policy of mandatory masks for the whole population, you can read (for example):

Masks4all : Why wear a mask

“Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has made it mandatory to wear a mask in supermarkets, saying he knew it would be a big cultural change for Austrians.

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis recently tweeted President Donald Trump to encourage him to wear masks: “Wearing a simple cloth mask decreases the spread of the virus by 80%! The Czech Republic has made its citizens MANDATORY on wearing a mask in public, he wrote.”

– And many other sources.

If, in a given country, masks were mandatory in public (in addition to hand washing facilities in all shops and other public places), then there would be no need for confinement and it would avoid the ruin of that country.

Moreover, confinement is not the best way to create immunity, unlike masks when they let a tiny part of the virus through.

We need to confine the virus with masks, instead of confining people to their homes.

Why isn’t this done in most countries?
Because there aren’t enough masks.
No country can provide masks that have to be changed every day for its entire population.

Yet there is a simple solution: the one we are proposing.
It can be implemented immediately, without sewing or other complicated things.
The only problem is that it is not known.