7/ Natives

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– All the autistics have access to the Autistan (that they can name as they want, or not name) when they are “in autism” (in their autistic thoughts) 

– Some may recognize and appreciate the concept of Autistan;

– In addition, some may recognize and appreciate the Embassies and Ambassadors ;

– In addition, some may also consider themselves “Citizens of Autistan”;

– In addition, they can apply to join the “Autistan Citizens Network”, and in doing so, they form an international network;

– Any autistic is free to cooperate or communicate with the Embassies and / or with the usual “self-advocacy” organizations ;

– And of course these organizations are welcome to collaborate or communicate with the Embassies or Ambassadors.

An “Autistic Nation”

All the autistics are autistic since their birth ; therefore, they can be considered as :

  • the “Natives” of the Autistan

  • forming an “Autistic Nation” (a biological minority of about 70 millions persons).

Incidentally, the Embassies could also be used by the autistic travelers arriving in a country, eg. for information, addresses, etc.

The natives may have various types of relations and participations with the Autistan Diplomatic Organization : either directly with the Headquarters, or with the Consular Section of the Embassy of Autistan in their country or territory, which may exist in the future, in the necessary means are provided.

This can be useful, for instance, to obtain a Autistan Native Identity Card.

(section to be continued)

Travels in Autistan