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Launch of the Autistan.Life concept

Rio de Janeiro, August 9, 2020

The concept Autistan.Life (Organization for the Defense of the Naturalness of Life) replaces the concept WNLDO.org concept (World Natural Life Defense Organization), which is too difficult to implement – for lack of time – and too far from Autistan.

Autistan.Life is the most comprehensive entity in the “ecosystem” of Autistan.

It is run by autistic people, but it is open to the defense of all natural minorities (autistic, trisomic, non-“civilized” peoples…) or other forms of natural life (nature, animals…) victims of denaturation or artificialization (in every sense of these terms, materially or not).
The website https://Autistan.Life is currently under construction.
Two Working Groups have been created (mainly for testing):
– one for relations with French government entities and other authorities: https://autistance.org/groups/org-aut_autistan-life_fr-gov
– one for relations with French Non-Governmental Organisations: https://autistance.org/groups/org-aut_autistan-life_fr-org
Other countries are obviously planned, but with regard to France we will first look at the serious problem of eugenics concerning people with Down’s syndrome and, later, autistic people.
This organization is expected to start very, very slowly in the coming months and years.
The current priority is the Autistance.org mutual-help system (in the process of being started) and the Autistan Diplomatic Organization (Autistan.org), but in order to better plan and organize things, it became necessary to prepare in advance the place to which belongs the most comprehensive organization in this system (Autistan.Life).
Given the magnitude of the task, its operation should be much simpler and “minimalistic” than other concepts, which are dedicated solely to autism.
And for a little change, the main language for Autistan.Life is not English but French (with automatic translations, of course).

It is a very ambitious project and no one knows where it will lead, but one thing is certain is that nothing will be possible without creating some kind of network of goodwill persons and of various NGOs.

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