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Notre godfather:

Josef Schovanec (autistic Scholar, traveler, speaker and writer

Josef is our friend; He invented the word “Autistan”, and we do everything else…

He is the godfather of our organization, since 2016 october.
Several of his books, conferences, television and radio shows, mention Autistan.
There would be too much to write about him here.… (He's aproximatly 120000 results in a famous search engine…)

THE people who support us:

Gerald L. Neuman (pprofessor and co-director at Harvar Law Schoold
M. Gerald Neuman ist a high-level specialist in international law.
He was a membere of the Human Rights Committee at the OrganisUnited Nations.

He supported us several times by email, writing that our efforts are “admirable” and our concept “promising”.

Christian Jost (geographer, searcher, professor emeritus, dean of a faculty) C
istian Jost ist an international scientist and adventurer, and he is the specialist in’Clipperton Island, which is the first place where the concept of Autistan began to “live” ( mentally), in April 2014 (CP.autistan.org).

He loves what we do, and it’s reciprocal. We both try to protect the most fragile nature and life. We are friends.
There is an article (ppassword protected) explaining the birth of our concept, and his very special relationship with Clipperton.

THE national autistic organizationsisms that support us:

Pioneer concept (Kazakhstan), thanks to Zhanat Karatay

Zhanat Karatay (to the left), owner and director of Pioneer concept, show it very first flag of Autistan (in the printing company, with the owner), the 3 august 2016.

It was a mtruly historic moment for nous, since it was the first “material existence” of our concept. Zhanat helped us in various ways to transform a project (almost a dream) in concrete reality, for the first time.

Our flag was inspired and designed there, in sa large mountain resort in Almaty, which is the valley visible in this photo (where he is possible to guess the buildings of Pioneer Resort, falling in the distance): thanks to e
the, the first very large autista n flag (1, 40 x 2, 26 meters) could start to “fly over the world”, as seen in the image above (in August 2016).

Below, the same flag, just received, in the restaurant room:

She also helped us starting with the concept of embassiess of Autistan.

Zhanat Karatay is definitely a “providential person” for autistic people around the world.

Indeed, not onlyement we could start our project concretely thanks to her, but also she understandsd autism and she organizeds summer camps and ski camps includedives for children and young people, where autistic children could really progress, because‘they were not “treated” with a medical approach, since Zhanat knows-like us-that the autiems is something to be valued, not to be healedi.

She is also the proud mother of a young autistic artist, Alibek.

We would like to say a “special thanks” to Zhanat Karatay, forr his trust and for helping us to really get started, and also for all the help it can provide to the autistic population in general, thanks to his understanding, his common sense and good will.

[video width = “640” height = “480” MP4 = “https://autistan.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Autistan-Flag-WhatsApp-Video-2016-08-12-at-19.59.35.mp4”] /Video

The dAutistic rapn (1,00 x 1, 62 m) flies for the very first timeis
, has Pioneer Resort, Almaty, Kazakhstan, the 12 august 2016 (above) and the 13 august (below).

[video width = “640” height = “480” MP4 = “https://autistan.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Autistan-Flag-WhatsApp-Video-2016-08-13-at-11.34.42-1.mp4”] /Video

THE other organizations thati support us:

  • ?………..
    En dehors du concept de pionnier au Kazakhstan en 2016, we have never found any organization capable and willing to help an autistic organization; our autistic colleagues in different countries do not know anything like this; apparently, autism is still considered “something to heal”, and the concept of autistic people trying to help themselves and “defend autism” probably seems surreal to most people.
    We are alone, in a human desert.
    We are 1% of the world, but there apparently isn't even one public or private agency to help autistic organizations (not just about “treatment” or “education”, but also about the real help we need, and on empowerment and freedom). Nothing.

This page is still under construction.
Indeed, noWe don't have enough time to look for supporters, sponsors, etc.
It takes too long to do it, for almost no results.
The only ones who helped us, are the people of Kazakhstan (principalement concept pionnier à Almaty).
Other organizations always welcome; they usually explain that autism is not in their field; Sometimes, they say they will help, but they don't. Therefore, we have other things to do, more fruitful than just collecting congratulations, promises and deceptions.