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3.3/ Internet Sites

This page clarifies about the different websites of the Autistan (and others).

Autistan.org  “The world of the autistics”

  • General site of the Autistan and of the Autistan Diplomatic Organization
  • “Diplomatic and peaceful” representation of Autistan and of autism (and of autistic people if necessary);
  • Explanations on autism, advice to States and other organizations;
  • Efforts for the collaboration, harmonisation and overall optimization of national autistic initiatives for protagonism and advocacy.

Facebook: https://facebook.com/Autistan
Telegram: https://t.me/Autistan_org
Email: contact(à)autistan.org

Autistan.rio  “Embassy of Autistan in Rio de Janeiro – World Headquarters”

  • Site of the Embassy of Autistan in Rio de Janeiro (for the State of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil) and of the physical world headquarters of the Autistan Diplomatic Organization
  • Activities of the Autistan Diplomatic Organization for the State of Rio de Janeiro (and for other States in Brazil, in case of absence of active Ambassadors in those States);
  • Representation for Brazil of the Autistan Diplomatic Organization (whose statutory registered office is located in Geneva, Switzerland).

Facebook: https://facebook.com/Autistan.rio
Email: contact(à)autistan.org

Autistan.net  “The global autistic network”

  • Site of the “global autistic network”, which is a space of “refuge” made by and for autistic persons
  • To share our interests and passions, in thematic groups, with other autistic protagonists (and with non-autistic viewers);
  • To make friends (autistic or not), anywhere in the world and without language barriers;
  • With protective functions to avoid the usual problems of “normal” social networks (such as lies, accusations, inequities and other negative things);
  • With a verification function of certificates or evidence of autism (which is usually very useful, or indispensable, to avoid some important problems).

Facebook: https://facebook.com/Autistan.net
Telegram: https://t.me/Autistan_net
Email: contact(à)autistan.net

Autistan.TV  “The autistics are speaking to you”

  • Autistan.TV is the Internet shortcut and the name of our Youtube channel
  • To help autistic people express themselves (for example by advising and giving technical tips to solve particular problems, like how to hide the face)
  • To disseminate information about Autistan
  • To list useful videos about autism, or done by autistic colleagues

Facebook : https://facebook.com/pg/AutistanTV-360809688088004
Telegram : https://t.me/Autistan_TV
Email : contact(à)autistan.org

Autistance.org  “Autistic Assistance”

  • Site for global support and assistance between autistic persons, parents of autistic persons, and volunteers
  • This concept of practical assistance for autistic individuals is complementary to Autistan.org, which is responsible for helping the cause of autism in general (especially with the public authorities), and not for individual cases;
  • This project of self-help system (by all means) is necessary since public agencies and other agencies do not provide (or very little) the necessary assistance to autistic people (and their families);
  • Like all our concepts, here it is the autistic persons who are at the center of the project.
  • But contrary to the concepts “Autistan”, here we are at the center but we do not direct everything. We want a genuine system of self-help and sharing based on the idea that everyone needs everyone, and that neither autistic people nor parents can reduce our difficulties by acting in a solitary way;
  • One of the basics of this concept is the fact that every autistic person needs a personal network of self-help. It is obvious, but it rarely exists;
  • Many things are possible, with emergency functions, identification cards and wrist-bands, etc.
  • This project can only produce results with the participation of a large number of people.
  • For now, we are only experimenting with a few parts of the project. 
  • Note: In order to have a single workspace, the concept “Autistance” also manages the realization (but not the direction) of all the projects for the other concepts and sites (Autistan, and other sites “non-Autistan” not mentioned here, for example in France), thanks to the participation of all the members of the various projects in a single “project manager”, for the moment still under construction).

Facebook: https://facebook.com/Autistance
Telegram: https://t.me/Autistance
Email: contact(à)autistance.org

 AutisticAlliance.org  “Improving Understanding, Cooperation and Justice between Humans, with the Autists””

  • General concept of improvement of the society, based on the collaboration between the autistic ones and the non-autistic ones, by placing the autists in the center
  • Autistic Alliance is not an organization, nor a group, nor a network, but a kind of “conceptual laboratory” that aims to explore and develop opportunities for collaboration to help autistic people (through a better understanding of autism by society) and to help society (since, when one understands autism, it becomes clear that autistic people can help correct the current social system, which is erroneous).
  • This concept is very broad, global, and it deals with topics that are not developed by other concepts.
    For example :

    • The Autistan Diplomatic Organization does not deal with “self-advocacy” “activism” at country level, because it is up to the national associations to do it, but Autistic Alliance can do that (globally), for example with participations in conferences;
    • Autistance deals with practical assistance and mutual aid “on the ground” for individual cases, but it can not study the various ways of collaborating at the global level, for example by seeking ways to help families organize themselves, thanks to the Internet, for education and adapted learning, which is the role of Autistic Alliance.
  • Autistic Alliance can denounce actions or situations prejudicial to autistic people, bad approaches to autism, misuse of financial resources etc., and can help national autistic organizations to be heard at the international level (eg United Nations).
  • Autistic Alliance is also a “space” dedicated to the reflection and the dialogue between autistic activists or thinkers, at the world level, internally (non public), by allowing a freedom and a total independence to the participants, which makes it possible to improve other concepts (such as “Autistan”) by sharing information and opinions, knowing the latest details and problems concerning the cause (for example, in terms of politics, research, national social situations about autistic people, etc.)
  • Since this is a concept of study and “in-house” work, which is necessarily confidential, the AutisticAlliance.org site presents only a few articles, videos and conference reports.

Facebook : https://facebook.com/AutisticAlliance
Email : contact(à)autisticalliance.org

Autistan.shop  “Autistan online shop” (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

  • Website of the Autistan online store 
  • Allows the public to purchase flags from the Autistan, and other items;
  • Should help to find financial resources to pay our expenses.
  • (The sale of “Autistan” items is permitted only here, or with an authorization.)

Email: contact(à)autistan.shop

Autistan.space  “Territorial area of the Autistan” (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

  • Community project to form a physical territorial space of the Autistan composed of all the spaces proposed (and owned or managed) by autistic people and their families in the world.
  • It would be a physical space (since it would actually exist, in practice), and at the same time symbolic, since this “sum of individual spaces” cannot form a country in the legal sense of the term.
  • The site would allow to list and post all these spaces, and to post photos if members wish.
  • Border signs (frontier with Autistan) would be available for free download; Certificates (or “title deeds” of the Autistan) would be sold (optionally), which would allow us to have some financial revenue. 

Virtual and Physical museum project outlining achievements, works, successes, collections etc. of autistic people

Future project for studying and teaching autism, by autistic people, for non-autistic people and for autistic people.
Note: To understand this project, one must understand the difference we make between “autism” and “disorders” (or difficulties), which is briefly explained in our section “Explanations“, and on the page “Day of Autistan“. 
(Indeed, “teaching troubles, or disorders” does not makes sense.)

There are also Internet sites for our virtual embassies (online) and for
our web pages for various countries:

Blue country codes: our virtual embassies (online)
Black country codes: our web pages for various countries

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