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12/ Helping

12.1 – How you can help   –    12.2 – How we can help

12.1 – How you can help :

  • It is necessary for us to find companies or sponsors who can help to pay for the rent of our Headquarters (about 9000 $ / year) and for our numerous Internet domains (i.e. virtual Embassies, about 2000 $ / year).
    –> If you know someone, please don’t hesitate to contact company owners who have autistic children : we can help them for sure about their children (or adults), and then they will probably be pleased to help us. 
    –> In the meanwhile, you can help easily by purchasing “Autistan” articles on our site Autistan.shop.
    You may even make a small donation of your choice there.

At least, have a look !
Maybe you will like to have a flag of Autistan, or a Tshirt, a watch, a phone case, or other articles.

Thanks a lot !

12.2 – How we can help :

Our organization helps the autistics and autism in general, by explaining, representing and preserving the mental world of the autistics, and autism, to the national top-level authorities and organizations.

Apart from a few exceptions, we cannot help the individual autistics or the families to deal with the non-autistic (social) troubles :  that is the job of the public organizations, the autistics’ organizations, and the parents’ organizations. 
You may check Autistance.org to find these organizations and these attempts of self-help. (Currently under construction)

However, we can try to contribute to solidarity and support, when the necessary organizations do not exist.
Here is how :

  • Support for the autistics’ social networks and activities
  • Support for the autistics’ and parents’ social networks and activities
  • Organization of meetings in our Embassy (or Embassies in the future, if possible)
  • Hosting of autistic organizations in our Embassy (or Embassies in the future, if possible)
  • Exceptional, emergency support (if possible)
  • (List to be continued, in the limits of our means and goals)
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