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Creation of the NatureDefenders.org concept

The Nature Defenders network aims to defend nature, naturalness and life on the basis of the idea that what is artificial is almost always opposed to life, especially when artificial things are intended to replace natural things…
This approach can be analyzed in order to demonstrate its value and limitations.
This idea applies to both tangible and intangible things.

By considering that “biodiversity” obviously includes the human species, we can then defend the concept of “human biodiversity”.

Nature Defenders aims in particular at the defense of “biological” human minorities (such as autistic people, people with Down’s syndrome, etc.) and ethnic minorities (in particular “natives” and other humans distant from civilization).

Nature Defenders also proposes the idea that the artificialization of human society should theoretically lead to its destruction:

  • either by making almost all humans into a sort of “mechanical”, “automatic” humanoid and enslaved to non-human machines, which leads not to death but to the “loss of mankind’s humanity ”(Ie the dehumanization of the human species);

  • or by developing machines, substances or reasoning capable of destroying the human species (and others) en masse, for lack of sufficient control capacity;

  • either by doing both at the same time (which is happening at the moment), which combines the highly plausible risk of the destruction of mankind’s humanity to that of the destruction of Mankind itself .

Nature Defenders advances the idea that human minorities less modified by the preponderant social system, “artificialising” and denaturing, are among the rare ramparts – and perhaps the only ones – against this risk of extinction of Humanity, and that therefore everything must be done to protect these “undenatured” human minorities, instead of doing (as now) the opposite, in a long-term illusory, senseless and deadly materialist race.

Nature Defenders is in harmony with the Diplomatic Organization of Autistan , whose general philosophy is based on the same worldview.

Concretely, a priori it would be necessary:

  • 1 / To build a system for optimizing the efforts that already exist (by individuals or by organizations), thanks to volunteering and IT technical means (admittedly artificial but made necessary by the overwhelming disparity of means).

  • 2 / To define and then carry out (peaceful) actions useful for the aim pursued.

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