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The Autistan Diplomatic Organization

The Brazilian version of our Emblem (or Seal), which exists in other languages

The definition of the Autistan Diplomatic Organization :

– Statutory version :
“Diplomatic, pacific, autistic International Non-Governmental Organization, aimed at explaining, representing and preserving the mental world of the autistics, and autism.”

– Simplified version :
“A 100% autistic, non-profit organization as a respectful interface between the mental world of the autistics (or the autism) and the non-autistic world.”

– Or, even more simplified :
“A bridge between autism and non-autism.”

It is possible to say that the Autistan is about the spiritual and mental life of the autistics, while the other organizations (like associations of autistics or parents) are about their material life.
Hence, we can also say that :
– the Embassies (and Ambassadors) of Autistan are representing “the part of the autistic person which is in Autistan”, from the point fo view of the adaption to autism
– whereas the other organizations (of “self-advocacy”) are representing “the part of the autistic person which is on Earth” (in the material world), generally from the point of view of the adaptation to the social system.

Although the Autistan is not recognized as a “real” country, the concept of Embassies and Ambassadors has a “para-diplomacy” nature, just as valid as that of the “Model United Nations” (for the youth), for example.

The Autistan Diplomatic Organization in the world :

Since October 2016, the creator of the name “Autistan”, Josef Schovanec (an autistic very well known in France), is the godfather of the concept of the Autistan Diplomatic Organization.

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