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8/ Rights

Here is a list of the fundamental rights particularly necessary for the autistics, according to us.

This list can help to understand our special needs.

Do not reproduce without mentioning :

  • the full title (“Fundamental Rights of the Autistic, according to the Autistan Diplomatic Organization”)
  • and the source (Autistan.org).

The “Fundamental Rights of the Autistics, according to the Autistan Diplomatic Organization” :

  • {R000100} Right to be born

  • {R000110} Right to life

  • {R000200} Right to liberty and autonomy

  • {R000210} Right to freedom of choice

  • {R000220} Right to freedom to live where one wants

  • {R000300} Right to an equitable quality of life

  • {R000310} Right to equal access and usage of any place, service, event, product, etc., thanks to the necessary compensations of the social and systemic deficiencies disadvantaging the autistics

  • {R000320} Right to education with all the features available for the non-autistics, with the necessary adaptations, and with the respect of autism

  • {R000400} Right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical health

  • {R000410} Right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of mental health

  • {R000420} Right to the protection against sensory aggressions

  • {R000430} Right to the protection against mental aggressions

  • {R000440} Right to universal accessibility and to reciprocal adaptations

  • {R000450} Right to the correct consideration of autism throughout the social system and the administrative system

  • {R000455} Right to specialized, accessible and fast assistance, to correct and compensate for the deficiencies of the systems, in case of non-respect of the right R000450

  • {R000500} Right to peace, to refuge, and to stay alone

  • {R000600} Right to be original and different without being subjected to obstructions

  • {R000610} Right to creativity, to special interests, and to a unique personal path of life

  • {R000620} Right to experimentation, to adventure, and to travels

  • {R000700} Right to self-chosen human relationships

  • {R000800} Right to understand the non-autism and the autism

  • {R001000} Right to disagree with the non-autism, and to refuse absurd or harmful situations or decisions

  • {R001100} Right to naturality, to coherence and to harmony

  • {R001200} Right to authenticity, truth, sincerity and honesty everywhere

  • {R002000} Right to the participation in the public decisions concerning the autistics

  • {R002100} Right to explain autism peculiarities to the authorities, and to obtain attention, answers and concrete measures, with the best honesty, good sense, and efficiency

This list can be improved.
First publication : January 20, 2018.

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