12/ Helping

12.1 – How you can help   –    12.2 – How we can help

12.1 – How you can help :

  • It is necessary for us to find companies or sponsors who can pay for the rent of our Headquarters (about 9000 $ / year) and for our numerous Internet domains (i.e. virtual Embassies, about 2000 $ / year).
    Please don’t hesitate to contact company owners who have autistic children : we can help them for sure, and then they will probably be pleased to help us. 
  • If you want, you can help us to pay for our internet domains, by giving the amount that you like :
    • through GoFundMe, by credit card : http://GoFundMe.com/Autistan
    • through Paypal, with your existing Paypal balance or with your credit card : please go here and scroll down to find the Paypal button.

For each donation, we publish mentions or certificates online, so that people know that the money goes where it should.

You may also want to pay our bills directly (internet domains and hosting providers, electricity, internet bill, office owner, etc.)

Thanks a lot !

12.2 – How we can help :

Our organization helps the autistics and autism in general, by explaining, representing and preserving the mental world of the autistics, and autism, to the national top-level authorities and organizations.

Apart from a few exceptions, we cannot help the individual autistics or the families to deal with the non-autistic (social) troubles :  that is the job of the public organizations, the autistics’ organizations, and the parents’ organizations. 
You may check Autistance.org to find these organizations and these attempts of self-help.

However, we can try to contribute to solidarity and support, when the necessary organizations do not exist.
Here is how :

  • Support for the autistics’ social networks and activities
  • Support for the autistics’ and parents’ social networks and activities
  • Organization of meetings in our Embassies (when they exist)
  • Exceptional, emergency support (if possible)
  • (list to be continued, in the limits of our means and goals)